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It Only Took Me 2 Years to Write This

Here’s a story for you:

I read my friend’s latest blog entry (in which she renamed me “Becky”… how insulting!), and as I go to comment about this whole “Becky” tragedy, the word “uglyarchives” pops up as my username.   Ding. Pzzt. (That is the simultaneous sound of a bell going off and a lightbulb turning on). Ding. Pzzt. I made a blog once! And did I ever write a single goddamn post? Of course not.

September 3rd, 2012 — the day I almost started a blog. Let’s travel back in time…

1) I was living in a houseboat on the Mississippi

2) I was mostly unemployed (apart from a spotty UX gig)

3) I was in a serious-o relationship (the “Spanish” is to convey passion, duh)

4) I had no money

5) I was a few days away from competing in my first (and so far last) triathlon

Fast-forward to the present…

1) I live in a funky old house near the Space Needle in Seattle

2) I’m getting an MA in Counseling Psychology

3) The last time I was this single was freshmen year of college (when I immediately thought any boy that liked me was without a doubt a douchebag disguised as a tall attractive athlete. Spoiler alert: most are).

4) I still have no money. Though I occasionally work UW football games and clean up puke. (Dream bigger, children).

5) And no. No triathlons. But I think if you add together reading + sitting + drinking + writing…

Here is a giant bow-tie in the form of a moral: Life is really fucking hard. Change frequently. Diversified hardship makes for better stories.